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Team Willi really takes care of their clients.

Local market knowledge and prime level customer service is their strength. I highly recommend.

Shawn B.

Dorothy and Tom are the best realtors I ever worked with in my entire 61 years on this earth.

I mean that sincerely they are very personable, professional and go over and above board to help their clients. At least they did with me as I know they would with others! I will be planning to sell my present home once this virus situation is over and gets so I’ll be calling… Dorothy and Tom!! Linda

Linda E.

Best Realtors you could ask for!

!! Very friendly, professional and will work so hard for you!!!

Renee A.

Five Stars!

Gary K

Tom and Dar are fabulous Realtors!

Very professional and hard working. They will find your dream home for you and help you sell too!

Lori S

Tom is a great agent.

I have never seen an agent work as hard for his money as Tom does.

Joel W

Excellent and quick client service.

General Contractor and High Level Government experience makes Tom uniquely qualified to properly value real estate in the keys

Melody E.

Five Stars!

John Z.

Excellent service and extremely professional!


Manny B.

Five Stars!

Kyle R.

Five Stars!

Christopher A.

What a great company.

They help you and your family with every need and assist as a realtor should throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a quality down to earth realtor, look no further than here! Just tell Tom that I said hi!

Doug B.

Best realtors out there!

! This couple goes above and beyond with every little need you may have!! Not only helped us find our beautiful little house, but helped us after without EVER seeming put out. They are now our friends. We look forward to hanging out with them once we are in Delray full time!!!!!

Sandra C

Five Stars!

Highly recommend.

Sandra S.

Dear Thomas and Dorothy Willi, Thank you for the unwavering commitment and priceless direction you provided when it came to listing and closing the sale of my home in Islamorada.

The processing of documents using DocuSign was flawless. Your knowledge of the real estate/construction market, local codes, and legal process resulted in a successful transaction in compliance with the Court Order just in the nick of time. Your clients can rest assured in Team Willi Realtors ability to negotiate on their behalf during all phases of the process.

Liz W.

That’s so funny I was just thinking of calling, texting or emailing you.

You guys are the best. You go above and overboard to help your clients. You actually helped me sell this house twice!! So that’s got to say something. I consider you to be good people!

Linda E

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